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An independent and self-motivated individual with a passion for Information Technology, particularly around Cybersecurity. Over the past year, I have worked to gain knowledge in a number of systems and have successfully completed training in ITIL v4 and FireEye. I am now looking to build on these skills and looking for opportunities in Information Technology related roles.



Work Experience:

I undertook a four month remote internship with HCL where I learnt the basics of Splunk Enterprise.


I was invited to spend time running through the IT Operations of Jet Aviation / Hawker Pacific. This involved spending one week with the Service Desk team in Singapore and five weeks with the IT Operations Team in Australia. During this time, I learnt about RAIDs, VM Ware Infrastructure, building Virtual Machines and Resource Management, installing Windows Server 2016, creating an Active Directory domain, DNS, DHCP and Group Policy and Email security.



During my DoFE Award, I participated in a 30km hike and completed the necessary 3 months of voluntary, of which I helped disabled children learn to read and write; 3 months learning a new skill which was replacing the bottom bracket of a mountain bike which had snapped; and 6 months doing a physical activity in athletics.

Additional Information:

I have made Virtual Machines using Virtual Box with the following Operating Systems:

I was able to make an admin account upon setup and set the background in a user account I made using AD in the admin account. I also setup RAID 1 and 5 for using the server I built in Australia with 8 disks and 32GB of RAM.

My most recent work is making my own website https://joshmountain.net/ based on HTML5 and CSS.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

- Albert Einstein